Zone Startups, Startup India unveil incubation programme for women entrepreneurs

Zone Startups India (ZSI), a technology business incubator and accelerator, and Startup India have launched a programme to promote women entrepreneurship in the country.

The sector-agnostic programme – Virtual Incubation Program for Women Entrepreneurs (VIP-WE) – is architected to support early-stage tech start-ups founded by women.

VIP-WE will handhold and guide 20 early-stage technology-based start-ups led by women entrepreneurs, who are preparing to build market traction for their products or services and scale their ventures.

The highlight of the programme is that the incubatees will not only go through an intensive period of curated learning and development but also get a mentor assigned who will provide personalised coaching basis the identified needs of the specific venture.

This will be a free-of-cost programme for all incubates, it added.

The programme will include 80 hours of workshops and interactive sessions spread over 10 weeks delivered virtually.

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