Kerala’s Women Entrepreneurs to Now Get a Mall Exclusively for Them; Here’s How

The Kozhikode Corporation, Kudumbasree, is all set to develop the Kudumbasree Bazaar project. The Hindu reports that it has been proposed by the Kudambasree Station Mission.

The all-new ‘Mahila Mall’ will come up on Bank Road, in the heart of the city, on a 54-cent plot. Shops run by Kudambasree members, individual women entrepreneurs and women communities, will occupy this 36,000 sq ft 5-storey mall.

The initiative is aimed at women who need a platform to launch themselves in the field of business, and thanks to this, women entrepreneurs in Kozhikode need not look elsewhere for an opportunity to market their products.

Thanks to the Kudumbasree initiative, women entrepreneurs in Kerala will get a huge boost.Representative image only. Image Credit: Kudumbasree School

According to M V Ramsy Ismail, Kudumbasree Project Officer, the mall will be run by women, who will look after administration, management and everything else. The mall is expected to house a host of enterprises, like:

1. Supermarket 2. Food Court 3. Kids Park 4 .Spa 5. Beauty Parlour 6. Women’s Bank 7. Fancy Stores 8. Textiles and Readymades 9. Boutiques 10. Footwear 11. Dry Cleaning 12. Car Washing 13. Optical Stores 14. Handicrafts 15. Baby Care 16. Home Appliances 17. Book Stalls

There will also be conference rooms, training centres, and underground car parking facility.

The Kudumbasree Bazaar will be a permanent outlet for Kudumbasree projects, that shall be set up on the mall’s premises in its second phase. As of now, Kudumbasree members sell their products at fairs during festival days.


This poses a problem as festivals are seasonal. The Bazaar will make sure the products are available year-round, and the project aims to set up bazaars in all districts.

As for the shops in the proposed mall, which is under construction, bookings have already started. Kudumbasree members will get a 10% discount on the rent, and only need to pay the rent for six months as a deposit, as opposed to the regular 10-month rent payment.

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Kerala is a hotspot for women entrepreneurs. Ecopreneur Lakshmi Menon, who founded Pure Living in 2012 hails from the state. We are sure that this new upcoming mall might be the impetus that fledgeling women entrepreneurs in Kerala need to take their business a notch higher.

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