How women entrepreneurs making their mark in start-up ecosystem

There has been a sharp increase in the number of start-ups owned by woman entrepreneurs in the last two years in the country as the ecosystem has started to accept them, according to leading women business leaders who attended the Start-up India campaign here on Saturday. Shaili Chopra, founder, SheThePeople.TV, says the number of women participating in the start-up ecosystem is growing rapidly. "There has been 50-per cent jump in women participating in the start-up ecosystem in the last two years," she said.

Pranshu Patni, co-founder of educational app company Culture Alley, said that things have changed dramatically over the years and nowadays people look at her as just another co-founder of the app giant and not merely as a woman.

Nidhi Agarwal, founder of women's clothes and accessories brand Kaaryah, believes woman consumers in India are far underserved.

So, just by virtue of having this huge under-served consumer segment, womanowned businesses have a very large space to catch up. "Women are often asked questions about theirmarriage plans when they approach investors. That needs to be changed."

Anisha Singh, founder, Mydala, said that she has seen a change in the environment for women entrepreneurs from 2009, when she started. In 2009, there were few woman entrepreneurs and she had to challenge the investor's imagination as she started raising funds. She added that women-led businesses don't have adequate funding and they face several challenges, but the environment is changing and people are aware now. Although a lot more women entrepreneurs have come forward, things need to change faster.

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