How Micro-Influencers Helped FASTer Way Grow From $1 Million To $65 Million In Just Two YearsDave K

With a strong background in digital marketing. Amanda Tress recognized an opportunity in the fitness marketplace to do things differently. The result is FASTer Way To Fat Loss, a business Tress started in 2016 and has grown from $1 million in revenue to $65 million in just two years. I saw down with Amanda to talk about her journey building FASTer Way, what is next for the business, and why micro-influencers are the most important strategy for marketers today.

Dave Knox: How did you make the leap from being a trainer to an entrepreneur with FASTer Way to Fat Loss?

Amanda Tress: I started my career in digital marketing around the time that Facebook came onto the scene. However, I also had a side hustle, which was personal training where through college I trained clients. The reason that I did that is because I personally struggled with my own health issues. I had high blood pressure as a 17-year-old, was on blood pressure medication, and had blood sugar issues. My doctor told me I'd be on medication for the rest of my life, but I decided to take matters into my own hands, take ownership and educate myself regarding how to reverse that particular curse put on me at such a young age. When I was able to transform my own health, I became a trainer and started working with other people, but my expertise was really in marketing.

After several years of working for a company I decided, or really was made aware, that I was unemployable. I'm sure many entrepreneurs can relate with that. I was not great at taking orders. I decided to create my own reality and step away from that full time job. I started a marketing agency for women in wellness. I worked with women from all over the world who had fitness businesses and helped those particular women ramp up their companies.  What I realized is the clients who I was helping through the agency were becoming better at marketing and getting eyeballs on their content, but they were not fantastic with programming. I was helping these clients get the word out about their program on social media, leveraging the power of live video, using lead magnets and click funnels and the like, but unfortunately the clients going through their programs were not seeing tremendous results. So I said," You know what, let me take my passion for health and wellness, create the best program on the market and then turn around and create a certification that my agency clients can go through so that they can run my program with their clients." So that is what I did a few years ago to launch FASTer Way.

Knox: When you made that switch and started FASTer Way in 2016, you did so with 11 clients and now you have worked with well over 150,000. How have you been able to scale that business without losing that personal touch that is so important?

Tress: I feel that we have grown very quickly, but we are still on the verge of scalability. We have done our best to continue managing growth, but we are still in a situation where we cap registration. We do not have rolling admission. We close the signup form and shut down the ability for people to buy on a very regular basis, because we want to be sure that we have significant touch points with each and every client. We are working towards scalability. Technology will be a way that we can solve some of those scalability issues and problems. We are on the verge of something much, much bigger than 150,000 clients. We will be in the households of millions of people in the coming years. But right now it has been a fast growth phenomenon. We went from about 1 million to 65 million in gross revenue in the past 24 months or so, which is very exciting. But as a visionary entrepreneur, I continue to tell my team that we are just now scratching the surface, we have just started and there is a lot of work to be done. And getting the scalability is my main goal over the next several months.

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