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Going to School – The Power of Stories In Creating Entrepreneurs

Archana lives in a tiny, remote village in Karnataka, where everyone works as seasonal farmers. During the off-season, men go to the cities in search of work and women, who have to care for children, stay behind, jobless. At the same time, her area grows areca nut trees, whose leaves are left to rot. Or rather were left to rot until one day when Archana got the idea to turn these leaves into biodegradable plates. Now she hires 3 women and 1 young man to work with her, and buys raw materials from 40 others farmers. Her plates reach markets in France and the UK. Archana employs 44 people and has transformed her village economy, and her story is among those many compelling stories that ‘Going to School’ narrates to poor children who are at the maximum risk of dropping out of school.