Dedication and Strong Will Helped This Sales Entrepreneur Make 7 Figures In 2 Years

“If one has a thirst for knowledge and learning, success will find its way to him/her,” this is life philosophy for Vandit Shah, a 28-year-old entrepreneur who runs an IT consultancy and sales training company in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad.

He is among a handful of entrepreneurs born in this country who has seen an exponential rise in growth and acknowledgement in a short duration of time. His sweat breaking dedication which is directly impacting thousands of lives, has helped him to become a seven-figure entrepreneur within just two years, a goal that few achieve.  

From an early age, Shah discovered his forte i.e. communication and sales specialist that people often discover in their 30s. A man with an action-oriented approach, Shah knew that a college degree will end up hanging on a wall and not aid him to become an entrepreneur and build his empire that he has envisaged. 

Shah, who himself refused to get a degree from any business schools, is now training business managers. He is even called by elite business schools to share his inspiring journey and valuable insights into entrepreneurship.

From Working In Call Centre To Running A Company

At a time when students are preparing for their class 12 boards with no worldly burden on their shoulders, Shah had to work in a call centre to meet his day’s needs. Sacrificing his social life at such an early age, he mastered sales and communication. 

Feedbacks that he received made him realize that he could be a communicator and use these skills for more significant causes by training others on a micro-level. Slowly yet steadily five years later, when he learnt to sustain on his own, Shah registered his company in 2017 with employees on board. 

Currently, Shah deals with clients from all across the world. His services are considered to provide exceptional IT-related assistance in the market while competing against decade-old players.

He often trains micro small medium enterprises (MSMEs), students, business directors, managers, and sales executives of eminent firms to enhance their practical knowledge.

The company bags over a thousand projects per year and has an annual growth rate of 30 per cent. 

Later, to reach a broader audience, he even wrote a book You Gotta Close The Deal which received encouraging reviews and won - ‘One of the Best Non-Fiction Books of India’ award in 2020.

Due to his phenomenal work, he has been awarded with prestigious - “Young Entrepreneur and Professional Trainer in India" in 2019. 

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