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At 67, This Grandmother Turned to Entrepreneurship, And Her Pizza is Mumbai’s New Favourite

For most women whose lives are ruled by domestic duties, starting up is the last thing on mind. For Mumbai-based Pratibha Kanoi, 67, having been a homemaker for all her life, entrepreneurship was not even a remote plan. Although she had wished for a source of income for herself, she rarely had a chance to look at employment opportunities after taking care of her husband and her three children.

Pratibha Kanoi

Yet, in the most unlikely of times – when the world is battling the Coronavirus pandemic and the country was going through a nation-wide lockdown – entrepreneurship came calling for this grandmother of four. And it was a surprise in itself – a part of her daily routine that turned into a business opportunity.

Due to the Coronavirus-related lockdown that started in March, and panic about the potential spread of COVID-19, Pratibha was particular about her family –both her sons, their wives and their children who live with her–not having food from outside. To make up for the lifestyle change, she started making their favourite foods at home – including Pizza.

“I am very particular about hygiene; my staff are not even allowed to bring mobile phones into the kitchen. And all vegetables are washed and dried in the Sun for an hour before being used,” says Pratibha, who has never had professional training in cooking.