5 Pairs of Friends Who Showed ‘Ye Dosti’ Can Spell Success in Business Too

There are many stories of business successes, but sweet are the ones that involve two friends. When two people of similar wavelengths connect and hatch a business idea, it automatically does not come to fruition unless a lot of hard work is involved.

Well, these friends have stuck through the ups and downs, and have triumphed, achieving commercial success. Whether it is authentic home cooked food or travelling initiatives, these startups cater to every need.

1. Unhide Art–Manav Maini and Navneet Ahuja.

Navneet and Manav are 2 friends, who started Unhide, an entrepreneurial venture. Image Credit:- Zara Hatke- christmas carnival & fete

A common love for nimboo pani and samosas during their St Stephen’s days, these two friends have stuck with each other, fuelling their passions. Well, Manav loves photography and Navneet puts words into the pictures, to give them perspective. Together, they exhibit their authentic photography to the world. Visit Unhide here. 

2. iExperience India–Sandeep Singh, Prabhjot Singh. These two met at a training centre while preparing for IIT. Both made it to the prestigious institute, each getting a seat in Roorkee and Delhi. Throughout their course, they discovered and nurtured their love for travel, and soon launched their venture in a bid to quit the rat race. Delhiites looking for offbeat adventures, are surely in for a treat over the weekends thanks to iExperience.

3. Going Organic:- Ishit Pillai and Chaitanya Varma.

The startup called Organic Express, is the brainchild of friends Chaitanya and Ishit. Image credit: Chaitanya and Ishit (via The Startup Tales)

These two were roommates, staying together in Gurugram when they decided to create a venture to provide delicious organic meals. So, in 2009, both quit their jobs to start Organic Express–to provide authentic organic meals in Gurugram and Hyderabad.

4. Curry In A Hurry–Mira Jhala and Megha Jaiswal. Their common passion for food made these two friends form a bond more than a decade ago. Well, being foodies, transitioning into business was pure joy. They provide tasty home-cooked food to bachelors in Gurugram.


According to Megha in the Hindustan Times, they both bonded in a culinary class at IHM Aurangabad in 2000. They divide the roles of keeping an eye on balance sheets and resources and handling customers equally.

5. Soul Purpose Travel:- Vidya Deshpande and Mimi Chakrabarti.

Mimi and Vidya are the founders of Soul Purpose Travel.Image Credit: Mimi Chakrabarti, Vidya Deshpande

These two friends are major travel buffs, and both decided to venture into a niche area–solo women’s travel. Friends for the last 18 years, these two women are each other’s support system. Vidya finds offbeat travel destinations, and negotiates for discounts and makes bookings, while Mimi encourages people to try these trips. Visit Soul Purpose Travels here.

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